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Our Leather Journals are hand-built using our exclusively tanned leather and Arches 100% cotton rag paper.  They are built for the executive's desk or the world adventurer who needs something tough.  Our leather journals are equally suited for writing with a fine fountain pen, light watercolor washes or pencil / charcoal / pastel drawings.

Our paper comes from the Arches mills in France.  From 1492, when the Arches mills were born, their paper has been used for promissory notes during the French Revolution and works commissioned by Napoleon 1st.  It has stood the test of time and the scrutiny of famous artists.  This is the paper used in your book.  It is hand torn and then hand stitched to its leather cover by us with our hands.


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Testimonials about our Leather Journals

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"I have received the travel journal that I ordered for my son's graduation. I cannot believe how quickly I received it. Thank you so much. I must tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the beauty and uniqueness of this journal. I truly believe that my son will be speechless....which is a rare thing! He is a natural writer, and my hopes are that in his travels, he will log his notes and thoughts in this beautiful book. I saw your web site "just by chance" and I am so glad that looked closer and ordered. I will definitely be recommending your products and your site to friends and family."

     .....Sharon F., 5/12/2006

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I just received the journals (I can't believe you got them here so fast!), they are beautiful!!! I can not wait to get writing, and to give the other as a gift. Thank you so much!"

     .....Emerson A. T., 4/10/2006

"I received my journal today and it was absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much indeed - I will definitely be passing on my good thoughts to my friends."

     .....Kirsty, 3/16/2006

"Received the customized journal last week, OUTSTANDING work! Thanks again for taking the time to help give me the journal I was looking for!"

     .....Rod, 2/21/2006

"Wow. I expected greatness as I opened up my package from Renaissance-Art with anticipation. But my expectations were by far exceeded. This journal is remarkable -- undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have laid my eyes on in quite sometime. Thank you so much! I am thrilled with my purchase. Rest assured that I will be telling people about your business and showing everyone I know why they should never write in an ordinary book again."

     .....Katy M., 2/12/2006

"I just received my leather journal and have to admit that of all the artist sketchbooks I’ve owned (and I have filled over 200) this is by far one of the highest quality and most expertly made. To give a brief background, my name is ***********, and I am the officially licensed sculptor of Warner Bros Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride characters. My sculptures are sold in over 200 galleries around the world and my sculptures are featured in the private collections of Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Joel Silver, and many other prominent Hollywood notables. I carry my sketchbook and fountain pen wherever I go, sketching and writing my ideas based on every day inspirations. I have to say that the design and craftsmanship is some of the best I have seen and I look forward to filling my shelves with many more in years to come. "

     .....David K., 1/18/2006

"I just received the two Artist and Poets Refillable Leather Journals that I ordered for my wife and myself. The quality and workmanship is beautiful. These will be cherished tools and travel companions for years to come, as well as heirlooms for the future. Thank you very much for the wonderful gifts. I will recommend you to friends and I will be ordering again!"

     .....Marc W., 11/7/2005

"Beautifully received today 11/05/2005. Thanks for everything. The quality of your customer service is only exceeded by the quality of your beautiful products. I am never disappointed and shall order from you yet again."

     .....Christopher L., 11/5/2005

"Just a note to say thank you for such a fantastic product. I purchased a Journal for a friend who is away traveling, she loved it saying it was the best gift she'd ever received!"

     .....Marcus D., 11/5/2005

"I received the journal I ordered and I have to say that you provide both an exceptional product and customer service. Thank you very much."

     .....Scott S., 11/2/2005

"I received my Journal on Saturday as expected. It was even better in person that I thought!! I love this journal, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys putting out this quality journal. I'm going to use it for all my writing."

     .....Tim, 8/15/2005

"What a work of art!! It is almost too beautiful to use since one day it will be filled, never to be used again, other then to read. The craftsmanship is amazing."

     .....Jack, 8/11/2005

"I just received my order and I have to tell surpassed my expectations!!! It is incredible. My girlfriend is an artist and loves to write - I wanted to give this to her for her 40th birthday - she is going to love it! Thank you so much. "

     .....K, 7/29/2005

"Thank you so much for getting my journal shipped out, wrapped, in time for my birthday! I had NO IDEA my family was going to get this for me. All I can say is that the journal is higher quality than the pictures on your site are able to do justice to. It is the best journal I have ever seen and I am going to record my most important events inside of it... including my 21st birthday when I received it! Great job and thank you again!"

     .....Garrett, 7/20/2005

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how happy I am with all my purchases. I bought a journal for my friend who is moving to Africa in the Peace Core, when I gave her the journal she absolutely loved it. Thank you so much! My other purchase was a photo album. I just received the other day and can't wait to give it to my sister and her fiancé. You were very kind and helpful and I just wanted to thank you."

     .....Mary, 7/9/2005

"I received it today. Please let your craftsmen know how much I love their fine product. "

     .....Mike, 7/9/2005

"I just received my package. Oh my God, these are beautiful! I look forward to intimate moments gathering my thoughts for their capture in my new journals. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship, and refreshing take on true customer service. "

     .....Terry, 5/31/2005

"A few months ago I purchased a medieval leather journal from you. Not being rich...I thought at first it was too much but then I kept looking at it..and it was going to be mine and my boyfriends anniversary I got it. I have to tell you I was so scared that it wasn't going to be as good as it looked or as you made it sound. But when I got this journal...It took my breathe away! It is absolutely beautiful and worth every cent. What made it even more worth the money was the way his eyes lit up! Thank you for the great quality..and fast service. It was here in a matter of a few days! "

     .....Jessica, 5/29/2005

"...When it arrived, I opened it (thinking to rewrap it as a gift) and could not believe what I was holding. Wow. It was perfect."

     .....Jeffrey, 5/26/2005

"Your work is beutiful and Im very happy with the Journal...and soon as I fill it up ill buy another"

     .....Judy, 4/4/2005

"You guys are wonderful! I just got it and it's perfect! Thanks again."

     .....Don, 3/11/2005

"I just received the journal I ordered from you last week - I ordered the small, leather journal for 19 dollars with a tie around ~ as I generally do, I start by purchasing the cheapest article a vendor sells. I reason that if the least expensive thing they sell is handled with detail and care then surely their more expensive items are as good or better ~ I must say I am very pleased with this product - for any price, I find the quality to be surprising and the overall presentation to be excellent ~ it is a joy to hold and feel... I look forward to purchasing more of your products soon ~ I am sure I will be equally as pleased :) Keep up the good work and thank you for your fine craftsmanship :)"

     .....Frank, 1/31/2005

eMail us to leave your feedback