Write down your signature dishes and heirloom recipes in your Recipe Journal.

Better yet, pull out your Recipe Journal at family get-togethers and have everyone you love write theirs in their own handwriting! My Aunt Jeanette made a phenomenal lemon coconut meringue pie to die for. Aunt Thelma canned dozens of jars of figs each year, and I still wanted more. Mom’s sour crème pound cake, Dad’s chili, Gramp’s ribs… no matter what your “comfort food” may be, making sure family culinary treasures are preserved is important. Our families’ recipes are the one thing we can pass from generation to generation that remains alive each time they are used. Do it for the treasure, do it for posterity.
Btw... just because it says Recipe Book does not mean it will not hold other things.  Yes, your Recipe Book holds our 4X6 Recipe Cards.  But you can also combine it with photos of your creations and some of  our other 4X6 lifestyle cards shown below.

Recipe Cards
100 cards 
Price $19.95

4X6 Cards  Mix N Match
11 Styles 
choose any 4
100 cards 
Price $19.95

Small Recipe Book
5w X 6-1/2h
108 acid-free sleeves for
120 custom recipe cards

Price:  $60

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