Capture the ancient history of writing with a practical daily use journal....

The wrap style notebook dates back nearly 1500 years to the lost Nag Hammadi codices. The Renaissance Art wrap and tie Moleskine Journal cover captures the ancient history of writing with an extremely practical daily-use journal. I dream of a day fifteen hundred years from now when archaeologists find my own scribblings and notes wrapped in this excellent cover.

Cover measures 9 X 6.

Pen loop for this comes in 3 sizes.  More info on that under the Product Options link just below.

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Testimonials about our Moleskine Journal Covers

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"I received the cover for my pocket Moleskin yesterday, January 14th. My biggest fear was that the leather would be stiff and hard to open when the book was inserted. My fears vanished when I opened the package. It is the most supple leather I have ever felt and fits the Moleskin perfectly. The snap closure assures the side where the pages are will always be protected when it is in my bag. Another tremendous feature is the pen loop. I usually always cut them off because they always either bend the pages or keep a book from shutting when a pen is inserted. NOT THIS ONE!!!!!!!! In the future I will definitely be ordering a writers bag and a journal. Many thanks,"

     .....Curtis V.  1/15/2006

"The moleskine wraps are fantastic! They make such versatile gifts that I'll be ordering more when my tax refund comes."

     .....David., 1/15/2006

"I received my Moleskine wrap covers today for a regular Moleskine and a large Moleskine. Your covers certainly add character to the otherwise plain and rather dull black Moleskines. The leather has a nice supple feeling, and your workmanship appears to be top notch. In addition, the aesthetics of these covers are truly wonderful. When I first ordered your covers, I was afraid that the Moleskines would no longer open and lay completely flat—I was wrong. Not only did the Moleskines (both the small and large) lay completely flat, the leather behind the spine did not bunch up causing unsightly creases. The leather laid flat all the way across and in no way caused the book to be lop sided or raise one or both sides of the book so that pages would turn if not close the book without the assistance of a hand or two. This is important to me because I typically leave my Moleskines open on my desk so I can read the notes written inside them as I type on the computer keyboard. Well done. "

     .....Earl R., 1/8/2006

"This year my best Christmas present was one of your leather Moleskine covers. It is simply beautiful and raises my simple notebook to what Joseph Campbell called the "thou" or sacred space. I have been searching for "the" journal in which to transcribe my commonplace book and will soon be ordering one of your medieval notebooks. I am so delighted to find workmanship of this quality. Your craftsmanship and my friend's thoughtfulness made this a fantastic Christmas."

     .....Rana W., Phd., 12/25/2005

"Thank you for your prompt service on the personalized moleskine cover and moleskine journal I ordered as a gift for my wife. The estimated delivery date was 12/19, and I received the product on 12/17. I find it amazing that during the busiest shipping time of the year you are able to exceed your estimates. I would love to comment on the product, but I couldn't bring myself to unwrap it from the brown wrapping. The person doing the handling aspect of shipping and handling really exceeded my expectations. If this much care went into the outer paper wrap of the gift bag, I can only imagine how much care goes into the actual product. "

     .....French L., 12/18/2005

" I received my order today, and I would simply like to give my thanks to you for my new journal. It's exactly as I'd hoped it would be, and is the kind of thing that I've wanted to get for myself for some time. Having only ever journaled via online media, it's a refreshing change to be able to be so free to express myself without restrictions imposed by text from a computer keyboard. I can write, I can draw, I can meander, and I can remind myself why it is that I enjoy being a person who thinks and listens more than most. With my new Moleskine journal holder, I'm reminded of a quote by Ernest Hemingway, who said, "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen." Now, with my beautiful leather-bound journal, I hope to be able to listen to the world around me and record my thoughts for a long time to come. Thanks again!"

     .....Stephen C., 11/9/2005

"Beautifully received today 11/05/2005. Thanks for everything. The quality of your customer service is only exceeded by the quality of your beautiful products. I am never disappointed and shall order from you yet again."

     .....Christopher L., 11/5/2005

"I received my Moleskine Journal cover this morning. Excellent craftsmanship with a wonderful old style look. Thank you for a job well done. I will be ordering more items in the future and look forward to displaying my new cover to my colleagues.  Thanks again and keep up the good work."

     .....Larry G., 10/26/2005

"I received my Moleskine journal cover today and it is even better than I expected. It is truly a work of art and I can't wait to break it in with consistent, daily use."

     .....Kevin W., 10/23/2005

"I normally never cared much for the larger Moleskine journals but with the leather cover they are much nicer. I can't wait to get started writing in it."

     .....Mike, 10/22/2005

"I received my order today and, like always, everything is wonderful. I plan to give away the two small wrap covers with the plain pocket notebooks in the beautiful gift pouches this christmas. The leather cover and the large notebooks are for my own evil plans and my tales of high adventure.  Thanks again for everything, its wonderful."

     .....Mike S., 10/22/2005

eMail us to leave your feedback